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Published on: November 7, 2012

Hi All,

My name is Craig and I created this site. Hopefully you will find it useful for creating an observing list for any night of the year.

I would greatly appreciate any comments about the site and ideas for making it better.

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  1. gjcarter says:


    1. The UI is difficult to use in SkySafari on iPad. The screen Is broken into multiple overlapping sections.

    2. There are multiple lists here taken from the Southern Stars file share that lack the appropriate credit due to it’s owners/authors…namely Texas Star Party observing programs created by John Wagoner You should restore/preserve this author information in the copies of those files you share here. The same holds for Larry Mitchell’s advanced observing programs.

    Gary J. Carter
    President, The Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas
    Operations Team Lead, The Texas Star Party

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