Getting an Astronomical Observing List

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Published on: November 7, 2012

Click on the menu item Get List.

1. Choose a Month and Year.

2. Choose the Max Magnitude and Catalog you want to create your observing list from.

A. If you choose the full NGC catalog you can choose to add the unknown magnitude

3. Choose the List Type.

A. For Print..Will give you printable list to have at your telescope.

B. For Sky Safari…Will give you a .zip to download. If you left click the link it will download directly to your download folder. Right clicking link and choosing download linked file as will allow you to choose the folder it will download to. In some cases you may need to double click the .zip file to extract the .skylist file. This file can be emailed to your iPad for inclusion in SkySafari. If you are using your iPad to create the file you will first need a free app called iZip.

  1. Geoff says:

    Q: Are the lists only for i gadgets? I use an Android and will be buying an Android tablet for SS.

    I’d really like a Messier Marathon list for Southern observers. This is actually quite tricky to generate, I’ve found and quite different from the northern list. –gd

    • Craig says:

      Southern Stars does have an Android SkySafari App as you probably know. I would imagine it uses the same .skylist format for exporting and importing lists. If you can try it out and get back to me I will put up an Android help post and give you credit for the help.
      I will post a request for a southern version of the Messier Marathon list and see what I get.

      Thank You for joining the Site,


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