Sharing Astronomy Observing Lists

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Published on: November 23, 2012

Click on the List Exchange menu to exchange astronomical list with friends.

The top of the page allows you to upload SkySafari .skylist files. Choose the file then in the description explain the list and please put the Month and Day to use said list.

The Bottom portion of the page is the list of available list for download. Just left click to download list to your download folder or right click and choose ‘download linked file as’ to choose a folder to download to. You may need to double click the .zip file to extract the SkySafari file. If downloading on an iPad you will need the free app iZip.

BTW you don’t need to upload a file to download a file, but it would be the nice thing to do.

1 Comment
  1. gjcarter says:

    I uploaded the Texas Star Party lists for 2010-2013 to provide users access to the most recent set of TSP observing lists. Enjoy!

    P.S. All TSP lists are best observed in Spring (April-June).

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