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Published on: November 25, 2012

A recent comment posted by member Geoff asking for a Southern Hemisphere version of the Messier Marathon has led me to a list on the internet that I have added to the bottom of the Pre Defined page. Click on MessierMarathonSouth for the hard copy and to download and add it to SkySafari.

His request has also got me thinking of adding a Northern/Southern Hemisphere choice to the Get List page. I will need to think on this a bit to find the best way to do this but I’m guessing it won’t take long to get it implemented.


  1. geoff says:

    Thanks Craig. I easily installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S, sky Safari Pro and it appears to work as advertised. Because of cloud I compared positions with Cartes du Ciel and they appear to almost exactly agree. Rounding errors I guess.

    I’m all set for the Southern Messier Marathon in March now! –gd

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