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Published on: November 24, 2012

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to convert your existing hardcopy, pdf and excel astronomical object lists for use in SkySafari.

There are several things you must know to get this converter to work properly.

1. The ‘List to Convert’ text box will accept any text but must be only catalog object names that SkySafari recognizes. Some of the more common are:

a. Messier Catalog (ie. M1, M2…)

b. Herschel Catalog (ie. H1, H2…)

c. Caldwell Catalog (ie. C1 C2…)

and of course NGC and IC Catalogs

2. If all you have is a hard copy, you can type the astronomical objects directly in to the box. Each on a separate line.

3. If your astronomical object file is in .pdf or excel format you can select the the column that has the object catalog list and copy/paste it in to the ‘List to Convert’ text box.

4. If your astronomical object file is in Word or similar format I suggest you convert it to pdf format and then follow #3.

5. Click Submit button…give the resulting Convert List a File Name and click the Zip For Download button and follow the directions below the link.

If you have problems or questions please use the comment section below




  1. gjcarter says:

    I tried generating an NGC list in SkySafari “skylist” format. The .zip file is not recognized as a valid .zip by my Windows PC or my Download utility in iOS.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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